the Snowflinga in progress!

A quick note: Thanks to all for indulging me with my last post. I did receive a reply from the administration that wasn’t entirely fulfilling, but at least it is a reminder that our voices can be heard. And now, back to yarn!

I’ve been recently obsessing over (no surprises here) …hats. Yes, again. I stumbled across the Wiksten hat patterns, and down the rabbit hole I went.  There’s something about the simplicity, the slouchy fit, and the textural surprises that get me. I hope my fellow knitters won’t hate me when I say — these are the kinds of hats I wish I could find in clothing shops! Then again, if that were the case, I probably never would have started knitting in the first place, and what good would life be then?

So I immediately bought the Snoflinga Hat pattern (doesn’t the name make you smile?) and cast it on in a skein of Quince and Co. Osprey that was hanging around in my stash and already wound into a cake. It’s in chanterelle, a lovely creamy beige that will look great with my hair and hopefully flatter my skin tone, otherwise, it will be begrudgingly gifted. I’m also  in love with the Jul Hat, but I of course think this one needs to be knitted in a skein of black cashmere, which I don’t have and don’t need. A girl can dream, though.

side note: Have you all read Fringe Association (and seen the accompanying shop, Fringe Supply Co.?) I am, yet again, obsessed. It’s everything I wish this blog could be. And I need those stitch markers asap.