So, it looks like you found me through Twitter. Thanks so much for stopping by to explore my blog.

What I’m About

I’m Rachel, a twenty-something university development researcher in Washington, DC. Baltimore, the metropolitan namesake of this blog, is my hometown and a city I love dearly, so please don’t mention the Orioles’ current record (or, after their 2012 season and the Ravens Super Bowl win, please do!) or the murder rate. I’ve been tweeting as @rachellynnec since 2009.

You likely found me because of an interest in knitting (or other yarny activities), art and design, libraries, nonprofits, or general snarkiness.

My blog, bmore crafty, is focused on documenting my knitting adventures and providing a place for fellow crafters seeking community. You’ll also find ramblings on my cooking and other domestic pursuits.

What I Tweet About

My twitter is occasionally a well-curated collection of links, and oftentimes a stream-of-conscious record of random thoughts and conversation. There you’ll find:

  • Chatter about knitting including my personal projects, crafting inspiration, patterns & designers, knit-alongs, and knitty work from friends
  • Chatter about libraries, museums, nonprofits, archives, and information professionals
  • Chatter about urban living including bars & restaurants, events of personal interest, and my wanderings about town
  • Chatter about bands I love, the last book that made me cry, the art exhibit I can’t get out of my head, my television guilty pleasures, and other artsy-cultural things that get me excited
  • Chatter between myself and other tweeties about all of the above

I hate to be a virtual jerk, but I won’t automatically follow-back. If I don’t, it’s probably because:

  • Your profile is completely blank – in which case, I have no idea why I should be following you.
  • You use twitter as a megaphone – in which case, all your tweets are promotions for blog posts or Etsy listings rather than a conversation between you and other twitterers.

The best way to make sure I follow you is to simply say hello!