What on earth is a knit and nosh, you ask?

Well, it usually involves the following things: numerous text messages between myself and Mizelissa, intentions to meet at 9:30am and the reality of meeting around 11am, a location that serves the finest coffee and doesn’t have waitresses who get mad because we’re lingering, space to lay out numerous piles of yarn and gush about our knitterly prowess, lots of confused faces and shifty eyeballs looking at said numerous piles of yarn, and loads of inappropriate brunch-time conversation.

This weekend, I met up with the illustrious Mizelissa for coffee and snacks in Hampden. A word on M: There are some people you meet and immediately feel that you’ve known them forever. You get it and they get it and everything’s hunky dory and no one wonders why you’re sharing deep, dark secrets 45 minutes after first meeting. That’s me and her. So of course, our outings are always fun and lovely and mildly uncomfortable for eavesdroppers.

This time, there were knitted aliens and chickens, a hipster meet-cute, strangers joining in on our conversation, a confession for a love of The Fast and the Furious franchise, coffees and lemon sodas, slow and steady sweater progress, and hands raised victoriously over our heads more times than I can count.

Nothing rejuvenates my knitting mojo (or my mental health) like a knit and nosh. Even if you aren’t into yarn, you should give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.