Getting myself back into the knitting mood has been a slow-and-steady process, but now my mind is raging with knitty ideas… and what is the reason for this rejuvenated point of view?

One word: HATS. I know. Hats, really? But hear me out.

A simple, slouchy, custom cap for my coworker.

  1. They’re quick to knit – and the gratification of cranking out a few FOs is a reliable way to get me back in the knitting mood.
  2. I don’t need a pattern – so, I get a chance to play around with the basics like texture, shaping, and stripes.
  3. I can try new techniques – and even if I don’t enjoy the process, it’s just a hat so it’s quick and painless enough.
  4. I enjoy making them for others – and since quite a few of the men in my life have been impatiently waiting for me to knit them hats (some for, dare I say it, years!), why not embrace the knitting jag and crank out a few more for my favorite gents? Well, and maybe one or two for myself, of course.

Recently, I’ve knitted a Rosebud Slouch for my mom (photographs forthcoming) and the custom cap pictured above. I have another simple stockinette number for myself on the needles, with plans in mind for another manly toque. By easing myself back into a routine, I’m remembering how soothing and relaxing knitting can be.

Have you been in the midst of a knitting jag lately? What pattern/yarn/style captured your heart most recently? Do you embrace the knitting frenzy or fight the urge altogether?