Say hello to the antique sheep who guards my knits.

The start of a new year is often a time of reflection, so it’s fitting that many of us (us being knitters, of course), like to look at our accomplishments and quantify all of the completed projects and miles of string used into tangible, hard numbers. Honestly, that has never appealed to me. I’ll certainly end up disappointed in some aspect, then creating even loftier goals for the year ahead. It’s a vicious cycle! But as I was scrolling through my blog posts yesterday evening, I came upon my proclamation for 2011 – and it actually made me smile.

I didn’t say I’d knit x-number of projects. I didn’t make a promise to quit buying yarn. And I definitely didn’t set a limit on the number of WIPs I could have at one time (thank goodness). My only thought was that 2011 would be the YEAR OF SELFISH KNITTING. I think I reached that goal heartily, and it’s changing the way I feel about knitting altogether. I quit focusing on deadlines, expectations, and obligations in my hobby and instead focused on the pure enjoyment. Sure, I watched plenty of my talented friends knit circles around me, and I am constantly enamored by their speed and prowess. I concentrated on doing my own thing this year – diving into my giant yarn stash and working on projects at my speed.

Yes, I realize this is common sense, but I am the type to take on too many projects and spread myself a bit too thin, especially at the request of my family and friends. Attempting a slower, more intentional pace with my favorite hobby was a reminder of why I love to knit in the first place.

Did you reach your crafting goals in 2011? What does this new year have in store for you?