Miriam's Kitchen for the Homeless of Washington, DCMiriam’s Kitchen for the Homeless in Washington, DC

I try to live by one basic tenet – be good to one another.

As a knitter, often I’m encouraged and excited to work on charity projects – winter hats for area school children, helmet liners for soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, and tiny caps and booties for premature babies, to name a few. But if you don’t craft or time is short, there are plenty of other ways to give directly to your community.

Tomorrow, November 9, is Give to the Max Day, a one-day regional online fundraiser that will unite local Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC communities to support non-profits serving the area.  I was contacted by Chris, a volunteer at Miriam’s Kitchen, a DC non-profit providing a variety of services to the district’s homeless population.  I don’t typically respond to such inquiries, but this is an event that would be foolish to ignore.

There are 6,500 homeless men, women, and children in the district on any given night. Of those, nearly 1/3 are chronically homeless – meaning they have been homeless for a year or more, or four or more times in the past three years. Miriam’s Kitchen provides services for 4,000 homeless members of our community every year – through meals, case management, Miriam’s Studio, and Miriam’s Cafe.

As a new resident in the DC-metro area, I’ve been seeking ways to find community here. Engaging with your local non-profit organizations is one of many ways to do just that. I encourage you to get involved with your community, take a look at the amazing work that Miriam’s Kitchen has done, find more non-profit groups with missions that inspire you through Give to the Max Day, and donate tomorrow if you are able.

Happy knitting (and giving)!