(via one sheepish girl, image from work.place)

As always, my urge to knit vanishes at times without warning. So of course, my KNIT ALL THE THINGS feeling has taken a holiday. I know it’s mostly thanks to my new job, and if you know anything about me,  you know that my anxious tendencies go into overdrive when I’m in a new situation. It’s no fault of my new colleagues, some of whom have already visited my blog. (And if you’re reading this now: hi, y’all!) In fact, everyone has been incredibly welcoming and friendly. I’m just bonkers. When I’m at all stressed, I want to get home, put on my hideous pajama pants, watch back-to-back episodes of Parks & Rec /Doctor Who/random BBC shows/The West Wing in bed, and envelop myself in a cocoon of pillows. Perfect example – the week I started work coincided with my birthday, and even then, I opted to spend the evening watching awful tv and eating takeout with my roomie instead of going out to celebrate.

This past weekend was actually more eventful for me, and hopefully this is a sign that I’m getting into the rhythm of things in the new job and will start having a life again. I had a good time catching up with family, actually knitted on my Imogen Cowl at one of my favorite coffee shops in Baltimore (and ate a delicious green tea mango muffin), and went on a random duckpin bowling outing which turned into a hilarious night.

Hopefully, this is the end of [bmore crafty] being a general personal blog and I’ll get back to documenting things I’m making. My head is full of ideas (new autumn cardigan, homemade tomato jam, papel picado project, making more pickled green beans, quick flip-top mitts, picking up the crochet again, sewing curtains for my room), but there are never enough hours in the day. Until then, tell me what you’re working on. I could use the inspiration.

Happy knitting!!