Well, we’re one week into the Small Knits Along and it looks like you all are making some gorgeous stuff!

I started both my String Theory Scarf and Cladonia Shawl, with little issue. The String Theory is really repetitive and will look uninspiring until I get to drop those stitches at the end, but I love the stitch definition and shine from the pima cotton yarn. The Cladonia is bright and impossibly cheery in spring green and teal, and I haven’t worked with alpaca yarn in a while, so the squishy softness is really nice on on my hands.

One ball of yarn down on my String Theory Scarf… two to go!

Just getting started on the Cladonia Shawl.

But enough about me… Let’s take a look at everyone’s new projects after the jump!

@BrittVicious is working on a Traveling Woman Shawl. I like to call it the Pink Zebra of Awesome.

@KristiLynnMcD just cast on an infinity scarf in the most stunning peacock blue yarn.

@knitandcompany is making strides in her blackberry-colored Hitchhiker Shawl.

@venusfueri was making serious progress on her Snapdragon Tam (and that ginger ale), but hit a snag with a hat that is too big. Tthere’s frogging and reworking to come, but I’m still loving those cables.

@allielujah is flying through this colorful beanie.

If I can say anything thus far, the SKKALers have inspired me to break out of my usual color rut – I am a sucker for neutrals and earth tones most of the time, so my two new works in progress are a bit out of the ordinary for me.

Keep on knitting and tagging your projects with skkal in Ravelry, tagging your tweets as #skkal, or sending them to me via email or Google+. I’ll be sharing your progress weekly! Watch this space for some knitty inspiration – this week I’ll be focusing on shawls that are catching my eye. I’ve been on a shawl binge lately, and these would make perfect SKKAL projects.

What’s on your needles this week? I want to hear about your current knitting adventures.