In my typical fashion, I went MIA in The Land of Knitting for a few weeks, but I have a good excuse. Sort of.

Me being a nerd after a deliriously late-night of knitting…

A week at the beach, followed by Independence Day celebrations and much time frolicking with friends kept me away from both the computer and the needles. Not to mention, it seems that when I went on holiday, my knitting mojo went as well. My projects bag served as a lovely prop at the beach house all week, but after a morning of knitting and noshing upon my return to Baltimore with the lovely @mizelissa, I was rejuvenated.

As of Friday, I still only had 1 and a half straps done on my Loop Entrelac Tank Top for the knit-along. We are now in Week 7, mind you. But oh, it’s flying off of the needles now! I completed the entrelac portion, flew through both of the “boob flaps” (as Allyson and the gals in the KAL have hilariously dubbed them), and am 3″ from finishing the tummy panel. That means I’m nearly caught up with my fellow knit-alongers. Take a look!

Making strides on The Loop Entrelac Tank

What I’m most enjoying about knitting this pattern is the construction. For a majority of it, you’re picking up stitches and seaming as you go, which makes it really fun to watch the garment come together. Since you’re using different techniques throughout, it helps to keep my easily-bored self engaged. Plus, the KnitPicks Simply Cotton Sport is shockingly soft and kind on the hands.

I’m somewhat concerned that I’ve knitted this a bit too small, but have found ways to remedy that. I have a… let’s say, “generous” bustline for my frame, so taking a tip from Amy Herzog, I measured myself holding the tape measure up under my armpits to get a torso measurement of 36″. Then when knitting the “boob flaps,” I added extra room for the girls to move. I also increased slightly more aggressively on the tummy panel – adding stitches at a rate of every 4 rows instead of every 6 rows for several repeats – just under the bust to accommodate my curves. With these changes, the top should fit properly in the shoulders, bust, and torso – a victory! Comparing the top to my measurements and those of fitted tank tops I wear regularly, it looks like I’m right on point. I will simply match up these modifications on the back panel, and it should be a great fit.

I’m really excited to get a chance to wear this before the season ends, and I know it’ll be a good transition piece into the autumn under blazers with a pair of dark jeans.

What are you knitting at the moment? Do you often modify sweater patterns to suit your body? What sorts of changes are you willing to make to a pattern? Is there a certain point where it all seems too overwhelming for you? (It definitely happens to me!) Let’s chat about making knits that fit!

Happy knitting!!