One of my blogging goals is to share more of the knitting process with my readers. It’s great to see people’s finished work or even work-in-progress, but sometimes I know we like to hide away our mistakes or our  failures without ever mentioning them. I’m obviously not speaking for everyone, but it’s tempting to ignore those problems when all the blogs we read have perfect photography and gorgeous projects staring at us from our computer screens. My favorite blogs are honest and full of personality, which means including the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So, today is obviously about a major knitting failure. A few posts back, I shared some of my progress on The Loop Entrelac Tank Top KAL. Everything was going swimmingly… or so I thought. I’m a bit of a tight knitter, and this was a serious detriment to my entrelacing on the tank top straps. My first strap felt almost rough on the hand because it was so stiff. I loosened up my gauge on the second strap and realized how much nicer it looked. Since the two weren’t matching up at all, I bit the bullet and unraveled the first one today.

Overexposed lighting, but at least these two straps match, right?

I thought it would be more painful to unravel that strap, but the few minutes it took were pretty relaxing. The great thing about knitting is that with a quick yank of your yarn, you have a clean slate, just like ripping off a bandage. (Well, unless you’re using evil, sticky mohair, but that’s another story.) I’m several repeats into Strap #1 Version 2.0, and it looks great. I hate to have fallen behind in the KAL, but I know I’ll be happier with my garment in the long run, and it taught me a great lesson about gauge.

What has been your latest crafting disaster? Did you find a way around your problem or did you have to scrap it and start from square one? And if you don’t experience these types of fiascoes, just don’t tell me about it, okay? 😉

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Happy knitting!!