Entrelac: the wonderfully addictive, basketweave style knitting. Also, the word my web browser is certain that I’ve misspelled over and over again. In my mind, it’s a fun technique, and completely underrated. I’m in the process of some amazing entrelacing right now on my The Loop Tank Top, designed by the even-more-amazing Sweatshop of Love. I have one strap off the needles and another one in-progress. Take a look!

Entrelacing goodness!

The thing about entrelac is that it’s much less complicated or intimidating than it looks. If you’re comfortable picking up stitches and doing increases/decreases, you’re ready to go. As well, the stitch pattern is surprisingly easy to memorize. Once you knit several repeats, it becomes intuitive and will really fly off the needles. I’m working this top in Knit Picks Simply Cotton Sport, which is incredibly soft and kind to delicate knitterly hands.

A bunch of us are knitting away on this pattern, as well as the Make Up Your Mind tank top from Knitty, as a part of the Selfish Knitting KAL. Come say hello to us on Ravelry or check Twitter for the #solkal tag.

Are you a fan of the entrelac or is it not on your list of techniques to try? What knitting techniques are you excited about right now? Loopy for lace or crazy for cables? Let’s chat about it!

Happy knitting!!