Here is the second part of a new series on [bmore crafty]Ā  – The Essentials. One of my favorite questions to ask knitters and other crafters is a no-brainer: “what tool can you simply not live without?” In this series, I’ll be chatting about some of my go-to knitting tools, references, and related products that seem to make my life easier and give me more enjoyment of the craft. I may mention specific brands or publications, but I was in no way compensated for these posts. I want to share my favorite things with you and hope you’ll share some with me, too.

The Yarn Stuff Sack

For the last Christmas season, I asked for only one gift – a Tom Bihn knitting bag. I had been using a regular tote bag for some time, and it had been driving me up a wall. Nothing stayed organized and it was barely big enough to hold more than one project. After a lot of browsing and price comparing, the Tom Bihn Swift seemed to be well made, attractive, and competitively priced.

I didn’t realize that my Tom Bihn would come with an extra, though – the Yarn Stuff Sack. It is the greatest project bag on the planet. First of all, it’s made of ripstop nylon, that indestructible and snag-proof material from the gods. Secondly, it has a drawstring closure, so it’s safe for all your yarny goodness. (Seriously, who ever thought it a wise idea to use zipper closures on knitting project bags must not have been firing on all cylinders.) Thirdly, it has an interior triangular clip that works as a yarn guide, so you end up with fewer tangles or instances of yarn barf. And finally, it has a clear bottom, so you can see the bag’s contents at a glance.

Funny story: I was chatting with Guido of the It’s a Purl, Man podcast at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Fiber Crawl After Party about the joys of the Yarn Stuff Sack, and he told me that he likes to take a little credit for the clear bottom – he was sent a prototype of the Yarn Stuff Sack and made the suggestion to the company. Talk about responding to the needs of your customers!

What do you use for project bags? Do you travel with your knitting often enough to warrant purchasing project bags? What do you look for in project bags or your knitting tote, in general?

Happy knitting!!

ps – Watch this space for a recap of my Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival adventures.