If you’ve been a follower of bmore crafty for any length of time, you’ll know that my crafting habits are erratic at best, cycling through highs and lows of both enthusiasm and productivity. For the last few weeks, I was knitting at a monstrous pace, blowing through the first halves of two shawls. In recent days, I’ve knitted a row here and there, but not there’s much to share, really.

The stripes on my Daybreak look awesome, and I love the way it’s turning out. As for the Springtime Bandit, I’m a third of the way through the edge chart and am still enjoying every single row of this pattern.

The Daybreak and Springtime Bandit… and barely noticeable progress.

I don’t typically push myself to knit when the desire wanes. Often times, I blame my lack of knitterly interest on this transitional time of year. When asked my favorite season, I’ll usually say it’s autumn, without hesitation. But actually, I think it’s at this absolute moment. That cusp of spring when the days are starting to get dreamily warm – that really gets my heart beating faster. Winter hibernation is over and I’m wanting to be more social, to sit on the porch with a cold drink in the evening, to frolic all over the city with no particular plan in mind. With so many distractions, this is also the time of year when my knitting takes a bit of backseat. I’m still working on projects, just at a lazier pace. One way I find to keep myself inspired is through the numerous blogs and podcasts to which I subscribe, so I’m thinking about knitting even if I’m not actually moving the needles as much.

Do you hit the creative wall from time to time? How do you keep yourself motivated to craft when the juices aren’t quite flowing? Do you glean inspiration from the crafting community or simply take a mini-break until your mojo returns?

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Happy knitting!!