Yes, I’m out of sweater purgatory – for the moment, anyway. With the weight of the Effortless Cardi – which I love, but is basically a massive, albeit luxurious slanket – off of my needles, I’ve been ready to start casting on some smaller projects. And what was calling my name? Shawls! That’s pretty unusual in itself, since I typically run out of steam after a few pattern repeats… but I have two on the needles and I’m knitting them with some serious enthusiasm.

Springtime Bandit in progress

The Peach Bandit, which looks strikingly like a sting ray at the moment.

The Peach Bandit is coming along extremely well. I’ve completed five repeats of the body chart and am ready to start the edge chart. It’s the perfect lace pattern for me – engaging, but not extremely complicated or fiddly. And no major hiccups to mention… yet.

Daybreak is coming along (…and check out that fluffy yarn!)

The other shawl I’m working on is the Daybreak, designed by Stephen West. I’ve been ogling this pattern for ages, and finally got an itch to cast on when I realized I was going on a little trip this upcoming weekend, and really wanted something simple that I could knit on the road. (I find an excuse for everything, eh?) So, I made a quick trip to Woolworks to pick up a few skeins of fingering wt yarn. I ended up choosing The Fibre Company’s Canopy yarns in Obsidian and Blue Crown… and I’m in love. The yarn is impossibly soft and lofty, so it’s pretty addictive. I’m already on the stripes section after just a few knitting sessions.

These smaller knits are an excellent detour from all the massive projects I’ve been focusing on over the last few months, and it’s great to be really enjoying the process of making them. Also, they seem rather appropriate for springtime knitting – lightweight shawls to be worn with jackets or to cover bare shoulders. Do your project choices shift from season to season? Once spring arrives, do you prefer to use cotton, linen, and other lighter fibres? Do you find no problem with a half-knitted aran sweater in your lap around mid-July?

Happy knitting!!