If you followed my posts at all for Knit & Crochet Blog Week, you may have read the anecdote that my mother has so kindly taken my Springtime Bandit shawlette off of my hands. In an effort to get said knitted garment back in my possession, I just cast on another one for her on Monday after finishing my Effortless Cardigan. Yay! I’ll be sharing some photos of it later this week.

The Peach Bandit in progress – and note @mizelissa‘s awesome highlighted charts in the background

I’ve only spent a few evenings on The Bandit, but I’m already into my third repeat of the body chart. Of course, the rows are still rather short at this point, but I’m definitely enjoying the process. This pattern is the perfect type of lace for me – complicated enough to keep me interested, but simple enough that I’m not losing my mind. It’s also a nice way to practice “reading” my knitting as I go.

I got the chance to work on this a bit yesterday over a long breakfast/lunch meet-up with my Twitter Knitter pal @mizelissa. So, please note that I was knitting lace and having a conversation at the same time. Shocking! I did tuck The Bandit neatly into my bag once we ordered “brunch” cocktails, though. I’m no fool.

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Happy knitting!