Beatnik in progress…Ravel it!

Okay, I’m a cabling fiend at the moment. The Fenimore is perfect for knitting on the go, since the cables are much less complicated than they appear. My newest knit on the needles isn’t quite so simple though… and I’m loving it.

I cast on the Beatnik last week with the Sweatshop of Love Selfish Knitting Sweater KAL. It’s fulfilling every desire I want from a knitting project at the moment. A sweater that I plan to keep all for myself? Check. Crazy, complex charts that are engaging and challenging? Check. Loads of texture? Check. I cannot complain one bit.

Charts, post-its, and tallies… you know, all the good stuff.

I’m knitting the sweater in the round to eliminate as much seaming as possible, which took a bit of work to wrap my mind around it, but now I’m feeling in the swing of things. I’m using the KnitPicks Wool of the Andes yarn for the first time and I think it will suit the pattern well – the yarn is lofty and light, but will certainly be cozy. And it’s stash yarn, to boot! I’m just about to begin the waist shaping now, so I suspect a good bit of progress to be made in the coming weeks.

So… what are you crafting, reading, cooking, sewing, and making this week?

Happy knitting!