Finishing Christmas knitting is so relieving and exciting for me. What to knit next? After very little contemplation, it has been decided – 2011 is theYEAR OF SELFISH KNITTING. It’s less about knitting solely for myself (although that’s definitely on the horizon), and more about knitting whatever I want, whenever I want. No deadlines, no obligations, just enjoyment. Who’s joining me?

Ravel it!

I’ve started the year off on the right foot. My brother and sister-in-law got me some gorgeous yarn for the holidays, including Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk aran in a hunter green shade. It is soft and squishy and lovely, so I knitted myself a hat with it. I am a self-proclaimed hat junkie, and this one is a simple, slouchy, all-around hat that has been my go-to lately.

My other knitting plans for the new year? My two overall goals are to KNIT THE STASH and START TRYING SWEATERS. I think sweaters will be a good platform to get me trying new techniques and learning about garment construction. As for the stash knitting? My stockpile of yarn is becoming an embarrassment, so I figure that’s reason enough.

I’m on the ground running – cast on 2 sweaters with stash yarn (Whaaat?!) this week, and another hat for myself with stash as well. What’s on your needles at the moment?

Happy knitting!