I knitted the
Brambles beret from the deep fall 2010 issue of Knitty, and oh how I loved making it! First of all, I used Angel’s Kiss Alpaca/Merino worsted weight yarn, which was a birthday gift from lovely A. This yarn is just incredibly. Soft and squishy and bouncy and I could go on and on. The kettle dyeing makes for some wonderful, subtle variegation in shade. And it feels wonderful in your hands while knitting away.

As for the pattern, the Knitmore Girls always refer to working cables as potato chip knitting. And they’re right. I found myself wanting to turn just one more cable, or to get to the next round, or to the next chart. Before you know it, you’re finished and stretching this little baby over a dinner plate.

This pattern has already been suggested, but is so perfect for all of you #stashbustarmy knitters looking to use up a single skein of worsted weight yarn. I am a bit tight on tension, and used less than my 220yd skein for the medium size. And because it’s such a breeze to knit, you’ll feel like an ace when it’s complete and will get to watch the compliments roll in – just don’t let your head get too big to fit into your new, cozy beret.

And ps, take a look at my owl-o-lantern! Hope you had some fun festivities on All Hallows Eve, too.