Image via Laylock

At the moment, I feel like I’m stuck somewhere in-between startitis and can’t finish a thing-itis. (Yes, I’m coining it as such; my command of language being what it is.) My mind is swirling. Maybe it’s the season’s change or life circumstance or general frustration or whatever else plagues my brain, but I am constantly poring over patterns and looking at new yarns and sketching ideas, but little comes to fruition. I know that I’m a process knitter, and have no trouble frogging a half-finished sweater because I’ve decided the yarn wants to be something else entirely, but even I feel confused as to how many projects I have on the needles and how many other ideas are running about in my brain. If it weren’t for the few little commissioned knits I’ve had to work on, I’d be completely lost! But anyway, I’ll share a few WIPs with you all, and keep your fingers crossed that I develop a little knitted discipline this week. This is not the way to enter the holiday knitting season. At all.

Brambles beret in Angel’s Kiss Alpaca/Merino worsted yarn

Nutkin Socks in Crazy Zauberball – psst, I am loving this colorway.

Commissioned Toque in Lamb’s Pride Bulky

Aaaand… I may have bought a few buttons today, too. Just keep that one between us.