Midway through the week, I had high hopes of finishing a tiny little sweater for a tinier little baby. Then it all hit the figurative fan, when I made a sleeve that wasn’t nearly wide enough, but happened to be about 6cm too long. It happens to the best of us, but I got cranky, nearly threw the needles at the wall, stomped my feet, pouted, poured some wine, and slowly frogged back about 10cm of stripey stockinette. Frogging usually leads me to heart palpitations, so I decided to hide the sweater away for a few days to regroup. First, I tried knitting a few rows here and there on my Damson, but for some reason I’m not quite making any progress despite its simplicity. My brain has simply been itching to cast on for something completely different, and I caved in to my urges.

So here it goes, my first real sweater pattern. I always thought of myself as only an accessories knitter, but the further you go into the rabbit hole, you eventually can’t help yourself. I just swatched for a DROPS sweater jacket with 3/4 sleeves for my mom in DROPS Eskimo. It looks like I’m on gauge, which is a bit of a relief for now, but who knows what will happen. Wish me luck as I cast on this wooly beast! Here’s hoping I make some decent progress over my long weekend.