>Finally back! I’ve actually quite missed the blog over the last few weeks that were intense and sleep-deprived due to final papers and take-home exams and the like. I’m only a few credits away from my MLS, which is simultaneously exciting and relieving. Meanwhile, in the few weeks I have before the summer minimester begins, I’m packing in lots of yarny and crafty exploits!

First off, I finally finished knitting my Clapotis! It took much longer than I ever anticipated, thanks to my easily distracted brain, but the final product is really lovely, soft, and drapey in Art Yarns Regal Silk – one of my most self-indulgent yarn purchases. I love this colorway with neutrals, silver greys, greens, and bronze called Paris Rain. Considering that when I was last in Paris it was incredibly rainy for the first week, my Clapotis is a little bit of French nostalgia all around.

Although I’ll probably never wear it like a shawl, I had to show off the drop stitch design. And many thanks to my fantastic mom, who photographed me quite a few times to get these shots! šŸ™‚
Also, yesterday I came upon two yarny packages in the mail that I just have to share with you. The first one is my epic order from Nordic Mart, with 40ish skeins of Drops Eskimo for 2 sweaters (including the Sylvi!). This was my first order with Nordic Mart, and oh it was an absolute breeze. I ordered the yarn on Saturday afternoon and it arrived on Monday, zipping across country. How crazy is that? I’m a fan of all the Garn Studio yarns, but the yarn shops around here don’t stock it, so I expect to be a return customer.

Then, my swap parcel arrived from Canada from one of my favorite Ravelers, Jenn! The parcel was MIA for a bit in the post, but landed on my doorstep and I was so eager to tear into it. She sent me a few reusable grocery bags – including one with lots of compartments, which will be a very handy project bag; lots of chocolates, including Aero Bubbles (not pictured… because I already tore into the bag and had to hide them from myself in the pantry); a sparkly beaded necklace and earrings set; an adorable notebook with a little sheep on the cover, perfect for writing down my modifications as I knit (which I too often forget to do); springtime stickers; and glorious, glorious yarn. 2 skeins of Cadenza Hand Paints, to be exact, in a beautiful springy green and yellow colorway, which I hear required her LYS owner to run off to the distributor just for me. Jenn, I can’t thank you enough for being such a magnificent friend! You certainly spoiled me.

Now, I’m working on getting a few more lingering WIPs off the needles, so I’m turning on my Electric Sheep podcasts and audiobooks, and off I go!