>So I skipped days 6 and 7 in Knit & Crochet Blog Week. I’m feeling a little disappointed, but I had such an amazing time blogging with everyone and getting the opportunity to meet so many new and fantastic folks. I hope you’ll keep stopping by BMORE CRAFTY because I’ve loved getting to know you all a bit by your blogs (and have started following quite a few of you, as well)!

Nonetheless, I think I have a good excuse for being MIA at the end of KnitCroBloWeek: Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival was this past weekend! Traffic was dreadful and the weather was heinously hot, but oh it was worth it. Angela and I frolicked around, checking out the yarn vendors and plotting ways to steal an alpaca. We left without one (unless you count the alpaca and silk roving I bought), but we did pat quite a few of them on their adorably fluffy heads.

From Maryland Sheep & Wool 2010
In the end, we spent much more time in the barns than around the vendors, checking out the myriad breeds of sheep and pitying them as they panted in the near-90 degree heat. The ones being sheared looked much relieved, I must say! And really, there is nothing more disheartening than seeing a food vendor with a sign for lamb gyro only steps away from a barn full of bleating sheep…
Surprisingly, I only bought a few bags of roving… likely because I was ogling the spinning wheels, which is inspiring me to save my money. This was my first MDSW, and all in all, it was such a fun day. Next plan – visit the Painted Spring Alpaca Farm near York, Pennsylvania. Who’s in?!