busy at work on my Clapotis

Really, wherever I can get needles and yarn in my hands, I’ll knit. At class, at the office, in cars, on buses (until my motion sickness kicks in), on the metro, on planes, in waiting rooms, on front porches, in bars. If I had to choose my favorite knitting location, it would be on my balcony at 7am with a cup of coffee. The sun is up, the morning is still in my tiny courtyard, and I can prepare for the day ahead… but I haven’t had the chance to get knitting out there too often lately.

Where do I find myself most days with needles in hand, happily plugging away at my newest project? Actually, it’s in my bed. Over the past months, my gloriously huge and fluffy bed has transformed into my knitting studio. With pillows fluffed, podcasts playing, pajamas on, and hot tea at my bedside, I can relax and wind down my busy days with some time well-spent, needles in hand.

Word of advice, though – don’t ever actually fall asleep with knitting… unless you want a bamboo needle in the bum at 2am.

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