>Ugh. I have been thinking on this for days now. How can I pick one great knitter who I look up to, who inspires me, who I aspire to be like? There are so many! First I started thinking of all my favorite designers and “celebrity” knitters (if you’ll allow that term). Stephanie Pearl-McPhee is the woman who made me feel less alone as a yarn obsessive. Then there’s Ysolda, Kim Hargreaves, Amy Singer, Jared Flood… I could go on. Each of them with an individual aesthetic and point of view.

photo © Marie Greene

So instead, I began to think about my blogging friends, and immediately, I thought of Marie. We met through the blog project French Picnic, and I got to know her through Permission to Unwind. She’s an incredible knitter, and I think that almost goes without saying. But she’s also incredibly positive, full of life, sassy, hilarious, kind-hearted, and she dyes pink streaks in her hair for fun. How couldn’t you like this gal? Not to mention, she’s given me a great deal of support as I’ve begun on this blogging journey of my own. So, go visit Marie at Permission to Unwind and tell her I sent you. 🙂

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