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One of my early (and admittedly still unfinished) projects…

Now that I’m reflecting on things, it’s almost funny that I still think of myself as a brand-new knitter… but one of the major aspects that I love about this craft is how much I still have to learn. It’s sort of difficult for me to remember exactly how I began knitting – there was no inciting incident for me. Without sounding too hokey, I almost feel like I was meant to become a knitter, especially considering my favorite childhood memories.

When I was in elementary school, my neighbor Miss Vicky taught me basic crochet stitches. She gave me a beautiful granny square, in which I hand stitched a lining and turned into a crochet hook case. My mom would let me go to the craft store to get yarn and pattern books, but I don’t think I ever completed one. I made little potholders for my mom when I wasn’t working on rug hook kits, a lap loom, or making jewelry. Let’s just say I was always a crafty kid.

But middle school came around and I quit crochet. I unfortunately don’t remember much of it and haven’t done it since. But my recollections of crochet in college had me thinking about starting to knit. I didn’t know anyone who was an avid knitter, so I just went online looking for directions and tutorials. Being a lefty, I tried and tried to learn left-handed knitting on my own… and failed miserably!

On a whim, I decided to check out the right-handed knitting tutorials. And I got it. I made one lumpy square out of brown acrylic and finally figured out stockinette before I started work on a rugby striped scarf with that same brown and a steel blue that I gave to my boyfriend at the time for a birthday gift. The thing was pretty decent, but a little sad and misshapen, and I ill-advisedly allowed my mom to iron the thing on cool to flatten it out, since no one had informed me on the concept of wet-blocking yet. Nonetheless, he was so full of praise for me, as was my family, which really encouraged me to continue knitting away.

Even though I took a knitting hiatus for a bit – knitting just didn’t seem like a summertime hobby in my mind – I still would read blogs and patterns constantly, and after getting a little involved in the knitting community, I never looked back. If you’re not participating in KnitCroBloWeek, what got you interested in knitting or crochet?

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