From Knitting, etc.

It has been a long week, so I thought to treat myself after work with a trip to my most favorite LYS, A Tangled Skein. I arrived with a plan: buy two skeins of Cascade Ecological Wool. An un-dyed, sturdy, beautiful, reasonably priced bulky yarn.

They were out. So I ended up chatting with the lovely gal working in the shop. Things start happening. Touching too much yarn. I get invited into the brand new storage room they’re renting in the building. I’m shown an entire box of Cascade Eco Duo, an un-dyed, worsted weight, two-toned alpaca and merino blend.

It’s so lovely and so soft that I think I got confused because I left the store with eight skeins and a badly dented credit card. I don’t even know how that skein of Malabrigo ended up in my bag, too. It’s a good thing I got a discount. Afterwards, I gleefully called my best friend on a yarn-high. A few hours later, I realized what I had done.

Lesson learned: Don’t let them take you to the back storage room. You’ll have no self-control.

Also… I’m still looking for some Ecological Wool, so if you have some in your stash you’d like to trade, let me know. 🙂