Happy birthday, Marie-Jolie!
Time to start the blog festivities…


Being snowed in, I’m in need of some partying! So it’s the perfect time to begin the festivities for Marie-Jolie over at Permission to Unwind. And check out my fellow party animals’s blogs for even more fun!

Whenever I’m planning a party, the first thing I like to do is start sorting a playlist. This one has a nice mix of low-key tunes for chatting with cupcakes in hand, along with some more upbeat songs to get everyone dancing. And don’t worry, there are plenty of hand-claps to go around!

Also, it certainly isn’t a party without favors – and today in honor of the party, BMORE CRAFTY is having a Secret Stash PTU Giveaway! Simply leave a comment on this post today and you’re entered in the drawing. Please include your email address so I can contact you if you’re the lucky one. I’m not revealing the prize until I name a winner, but be assured that if you’re a crafty person, you’ll love this little grab-bag of goodies.

Up next, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite party recipes, so stick around today and keep the party rolling!