>above by Sister Corita Kent, a constant source of artistic inspiration.
via HI + LOW

So yes, I’m not dead. Life has been complicated and stressful and upsetting and changing for the better and so full of the messiness of reality in the last month. Not to mention, that foolish idea I had of trying to take 6 credits in a 3 week winter minimester.

I’ve been an inconsistent blogger – one with very good intentions and very little follow-through. It’s an unfortunate common theme in my life lately. I find it difficult to convert my words into my actions, to make my life bigger than the things I say. But I’m still working on it, and I hope you’ll indulge me from time to time to share these things here. My aim is consistent – to be intentional with my actions.

A new year always gives me this time to reflect, and even though we’re nearly a month in, it’s better late than never. I love beginnings. Mornings are perfect because of opportunity, the promise of what the day can bring. The start of a relationship is always so fun and light, before people become too broken and too afraid. Maybe that’s why I love making new year’s resolutions – it’s a clean slate. I hope to keep sharing more with you this year – certainly my craftiness, and also my life. I want to be more honest and transparent with myself, so posting it here, in my mind, where all the world can see (but in reality, where a few good friends might see), I can feel as if I’m going public with these thoughts and plans, and that you, my very good friends, can hold me accountable to this.

So thanks to all of you lovely bloggers out there who follow me, who read and share your kind words of praise and support. You inspire me so much. Expect more from me.